Where has the RF Government created the first three Territories of advanced development?

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Where has the RF Government created the first three Territories of advanced development?
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On the 25th of May the RF Premier Dmitry Medvedev signed three resolutions on creating the first three Territories of Advanced Development (TAD) in Russia: two of them are in Khabarovsk Territory and the other is in Primorye.

As he said at the meeting of the Governmental Commission on social and economic development of the Far East and Baikal region, the expected investment volume in TAD “Khabarovsk” will be 30 bln rubles. About 3,000 jobs will be created there. The main focus of the development is transport and logistics, as well as metallurgical engineering production. TAD “Komsomolsk” in Khabarovsk Territory will get 15 bln rubles, and about 3,000 jobs will also be organized there.

Aircraft construction, components for aircraft construction and other industries are planned for TAD “Nadezhdinskaya” in Primorye. 7 bln rubles of investments and the creation of 1,600 jobs are expected. Also there will be transport, logistics, food and pharmaceutical processing industries.

Besides this, the development of nearby territories will be provided at the cost of infrastructure objects construction, and the service market formation will trigger the development of small and medium-size business. TAD creation is based on the principle of state and business partnership.

The state provides local enterprises with preferential tax treatment, lowered premium rates, and the right to attract foreign labour without quota limits, and it is also responsible for the necessary infrastructure development.

According to the information from the Ministry of Investment, Land and Property Policy, more than 30 investors’ claims have already been received. A managing company has been created to support the activity of the organized TAD.