Three more crossings for the Kerch strait bridge construction

Three more crossings for the Kerch strait bridge construction
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The erection of temporary service bridges has started at the construction site of the bridge over the Kerch Strait to provide for continuous operation at the site.

As was told by the Rosavtodor press office, the first of them will connect the Taman side to Tuzla Island this autumn. Another two – from Tuzla to the navigable channel and from the channel to Kerch – will be built by summer, 2016. These auxiliary structures will provide access to the main object construction points independent of the weather.
Service bridges are for material and equipment delivery and a traffic connection with Tuzla Island. Besides this, they will be used for some technological operations during the construction of the main bridge.
The bridge over the Kerch strait is designed for both automobiles and rail traffic, so the service bridges are being constructed between their axes. The first service bridge is to be 1.2km long and will be based on 58 bearings calculated for the maximum ice load during a 10-year period. The decks are more than 11m wide and the rise is 2m. For secure navigation, the service bridges will be illuminated at night.