Impressive details of the Kerch bridge construction

Impressive details of the Kerch bridge construction
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The railway along the bridge over the Kerch Strait will provide for annual transfer of 14 m passengers and 13 m tons of cargo, the automobile road will let 13,000 vehicles pass daily.

The was told about it by the press office of Rosavtodor. The railway bridge across the Kerch Strait will be 2nd category, two-lined. It means that trains will move 120 km per hour, freight trains – up to 80 km per hour. Such specifications were considered by project developers.
47 pairs of trains will pass daily: 12 fright and 36 passenger and suburban trains. By 2025 the traffic intensity will surpass 50 pairs of trains: it will allow transport of 16 m tons of cargo and more than 15 m passengers annually. In 20 years after going into operation its capacity will make 65 pairs of trains – more than 26 m tons of cargoes and more than 17 m passengers.
The automobile bridge will meet the requirements of 1B category (4 lanes) with the calculated velocity of up to 120 km per hour. The passage will be free. Traffic intensity will be on average 12.8 vehicles daily, in 5 years it will make 21,000 vehicles daily, in 20 years – 40,000 vehicles daily.
On June 30 engineering investigations and construction design were passed to the Directorate-General for the State Environmental Review of Russia. The only design and construction contractor is “Stroygazmontage,” belonging to Arkady Rotenberg. The subcontractors have not been determined yet. The state procurement for 228.3 billion rubles will be carried out by the Federal budget institution “Uprdor “Taman”.
The start of automobile traffic in operational mode and terminal exploitation of the railway line is appointed for December, 2018.