Superplants for the construction of the Kerch bridge

Superplants for the construction of the Kerch bridge
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The important plants for concrete and asphalt production will be built in Taman and Kerch in the framework of preparation for the construction of the Kerch bridge.

As was told by the contractor’s press office, the efficiency of the plants will be more than 150 m3 of concrete an hour, more than 130 m3 of cement concrete an hour and 140 tons of asphalt an hour.
Putting the new plants in operation will allow the delivery of materials in a timely and consistent manner, as well as increase the construction volumes.
Currently asphalt concrete factories and concrete mixing units have already been mounted near the place of future construction from Taman’s side.
A concrete plant with two units is being constructed from Kerch’s side. The plants will work fully when the bridge construction starts. Now the units produce mixtures for concrete pouring of industrial sites, laying technological roads and approaches and other objects of temporary infrastructure.