The first Russian plant for production of high-quality mullite

The first Russian plant for production of high-quality mullite
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By 2018, a new chemical plant for the production of high quality mullite from mineral raw materials will have been constructed in the Tomsk region.

As was told by the regional press office, the plant will be the only plant of this type in Russia and will produce import-replacing materials oriented towards the Russian market, as well as material for export.
Mullite is a hard fireproof material, created by the incineration of natural aluminosilicate with different additive compounds. It has excellent heat isolating and fireproofing qualities, low electric conductivity, and it easily fuses with metals. Mineral raw materials will be transported to Tomsk from the aurum-quarz-topaz field “Kopna” in Kuzbass.
Now that the experimental technology has been developed, samples of the material have been received. The next stage will be the creation of an experimental semiproduction plant for the production of mullite to be promoted on the market. Kilns for the plant are to be bought in Germany, but the rest of the equipment will be domestic. The payback period for the plant is 3-4 years. 50 jobs will be created.