Certificat EcoStandard GREEN

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Certificat  EcoStandard GREEN
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This document confirms that all product from a plant in the Tver region is safe for human health and the environment.The press service of the company Paroc has announced that its products have received the environmental certification EcoStandard GREEN, a general certification from the EcoStandart group of companies. EcoMaterial, the standard of ecological designation for structural and finishing materials, has been operating since 2010 as a system of voluntary certification for structural and finishing materials.With eco-labeling, the consumer receives reliable, peer-reviewed information on the environmental aspects of the product purchased as regards its safety in terms of human health and reduction of harmful effects on the environment. The EcoMaterial project has certified more than one hundred materials from 14 Russian producers. The Russian division of Paroc is now in this pool of socially responsible companies.The head of the Russian division of Paroc Group, Igor Schatz, noted that the "green" certificate completely corresponds with the principles of the management and the mission of Paroc Group - to create safe and comfortable conditions for life. "Heat insulation products from the plant are produced with mineral wool, a natural and ecological material with a wide range of applications: construction and technical insulation, shipbuilding insulation, insulation technology and production equipment, and acoustic materials. Thanks to the natural raw materials, our products possess high heat-insulating and fire-resistant properties and differ from the rest of the market in their longevity and high soundproofing properties. Our strategic goal is to give consumers one more assurance that our insulation is of high quality in all regards ", he said.