Why will the overhaul law be amended?

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Why will the overhaul law be amended?
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Moscow. Our special correspondent, Alexander Nevsky, reports from the Presidium session of the Ministry's Community Council.

The reports on the Council's commissions on the results of their work for 2015 are on the agenda. One of the first documents to be heard during the session was the report on the Commission For Overhaul Program Realization In Russia. The deputy of the Russian parliament, Galina Khovanskaya, took part in the debate.

She voiced a number of proposals on amendments to the law regarding an overhaul of residential buildings.

Beside this, the deputy also announced for the first time that the amendments to the overhaul federal law №214, regarding the part concerning opening a special account when constructing residential buildings, will be passed by the State Duma, not by a qualified but by a simple majority, i.e. 50%+1 votes. This measure should accelerate the process.

Since such amendments to the law have provoked heated controversy among the deputies, the authors of the amendments decided to pass the law in this manner of voting.