Plant producing composite illumination poles and coil meshes commissioned in Kaluga

Plant producing composite illumination poles and coil meshes commissioned in Kaluga
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On Wednesday, the Russian Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, and the director general of Rosnano Corp, Anotoly Chubais, visited the “Galen” plant, situated in the “Vorsino” industrial park in the Kaluga region.

They looked at a production line for modern fiberglass, as well as new lines of composite illumination poles and coil meshes made from basalt fibre, the Ministry’s press office told

The volume of investments into opening the “Galen” production platform in Vorsino amounts to 700 m roubles.

Speaking at the start-up ceremony, the head of the Construction Ministry of Russia pointed out that the industry is shifting to the introduction of efficient modern technologies.

“The production startup will allow for a significant reduction in the Russian construction industry’s dependence on imports of energy efficient composite structures and materials. What is especially crucial is that 65% of the enterprise’s products will be exported, to Europe and Asia. The first European countries to be supplied are Great Britain and Italy”, said Mikhail Menn.

He also stressed that this manufacturing is an innovative solution which fully fits the strategy of the innovative development of the Russian construction industry up until 2030, which the Construction Ministry has elaborated at the instruction of the government of Russia.

The strategy will have a block structure, including a block for composite materials. It will have been submitted to the government for consideration by the end of June. The Ministry’s task is to develop modern codes of rules, not to slow down but to develop the production of modern composite materials.

In the presence of Mikhail Menn, the dealer’s agreements on promotion and sales of “Galen” products were signed with the Italian Top Glass SpA company and the British Greenhill Commercial Ltd enterprise.

As a reminder, new composite illumination poles differ from their competitors made from other materials in their durability, corrosion resistance, efficiency and enhanced security.