Building of piers starts at Kerch Bridge construction site

Building of piers starts at Kerch Bridge construction site
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Builders at the Kerch Bridge construction site has entered upon the erection of the heaviest piers at the height of 35 m above the fairway of the Kerch Yenikalsky Canal.

This section of the passage will ensure ship journey from the Black Sea to the Azov sea, the press office of “Crimean Bridge” told Construction.RU on Monday. At the fairway section the bridge will reach the highest point – 35 m above the sea level. The peak point of an arch of the passage will be 45 m upward.

As a chief engineer of the “Taman” automobile roads department, Yury Safonov, put it, the total height of the shipping section of the bridge amounts to 80 meters. “Troitsk tower of the Moscow Kremlin is of the same height”, – he added.

Construction of the piers will take about 12 months. Each of them will be fixed on 110 iron tubular piles with a diameter of 1420 mm.

At present, the builders are embedding sections of four piles of a fairway pier №252. The depth of embedment at the given section amounts to 72 m. Such solution will ensure steadiness, robustness and safety of the pier in the area of a complicated geological environment and high seismicity.