Start of Paks II NPP construction in Hungary scheduled for 2018

Start of Paks II NPP construction in Hungary scheduled for 2018
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The first works within the construction of power units No. 5 and No. 6 at Paks II nuclear power plant (NPP) in Hungary, carried out with Russian participation, are scheduled for early 2018, according to the press office of JSC ASE engineering company, a general contractor for the project and part of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation.

“We have begun passing design documentation to the customer for licensing, and preparing for construction activities at a site of Paks II NPP, the company’s vice-president for international projects, Alexander Khazin, said.

In March this year, the construction of new power units of Paks II NPP was officially approved by the European Commission, and in April, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Agency issued a final environmental license and a license for the NPP site. Obtaining these documents testifies to the project's compliance with requirements of Hungary and the European Union.

As a reference, the only Hungarian nuclear power plant, Paks, is located 100 km from Budapest and 5 km from the town of Paks. The plant was built upon the Soviet project, with four blocks including VVER-440 reactors operating there. This nuclear power plant produces more than 50% of the total volume of electricity generated in Hungary.