Russian journalists visit KÄRCHER enterprise in Winnenden

Russian journalists visit KÄRCHER enterprise in Winnenden
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Stuttgart. Our special correspondent Alexey Nevsky. On June 11, on the first day of a press tour arranged for Russian journalists by the German company KÄRCHER, the guests visited the town of Winnenden in southwest Germany.

There, near the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, large production facilities of this German brand are located.

In particular, the matter concerns plants producing machines of different classes for cleaning floors, as well as high-pressure cleaners for equipment, including a construction machinery.

In 2016, their turnovers, due to releasing over 100 new products and delivering them in 60 countries, exceeded 2.3 billion euro.

According to the head of the Product Management Department at LLC KÄRCHER in Russia, Alexander Doroshenkov, the German company is constantly improving the production capacities and manufactured products.


This offers an opportunity to be among the leaders in many technical solutions. At present, over two thousand employees, including 800 engineers, work in the company’s headquarters in Winnenden. On average, the technological path from design to product release amounts to three years.

On the first day of the press tour, the journalists familiarized themselves with two plants for the production of floor cleaning equipment, high-pressure units and municipal equipment, which have been produced under the brand of KÄRCHER since 2011.

Then the journalists visited Academy, the company's training center.

There, a chance to personally operate machinery, in particular a new vacuum designed for the construction industry, was of special interest. For today, it is the only one that guarantees the removal of dust from any dry mixes.

The fourth site to visit was a facility for municipal equipment assembly production operating with a capacity of 1300 units per year. This plant supplies compact machines for Russian housing market.


History of KÄRCHER began in 1935. It was then that a talented German engineer Alfred Kärcher opened his first manufacture in Winnenden.

Subsequently, it has been continuously improved, and over time, the company has focused on the production of cleaning equipment for various spheres of human activity, such as professional vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners for construction equipment, as well as municipal equipment and etc.

The company’s Academy has been operating more than 20 years and its services are annually provided to about 2,000 people worldwide. Its factories are located in Germany, China, Mexico, Dubai and other countries.