Russian journalists at the Kemppi plant in Finland

Russian journalists at the Kemppi plant in Finland
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One of the world’s premiere deliverers of welding equipment, the Kemppi company, organized a press tour for Russian journalists at their plant in Finland on January 21st. Our special correspondent, Sofia Orlova, reports play-by-play.

The first thing that struck our journalists is the absence of assembly-line production and the fact that each type of product manufactured has an individual quality stamp from the worker who made it. This results in the lowest possible percentage of spoilage (less than 2%). 

In the enterprise’s showroom, the journalists were shown the latest developments to be presented in Moscow in September. These are different variants of automated welding equipment: a welding unit fulfills all the work according to a computer program, and the operator only controls it. The programs are developed exclusively according to a customer’s needs. For example, there are units which can work only with definite materials with the maximum quality of the weld seal.

This is very important, especially in machine building.

The Russian market is very important for the Kemppi company, especially in connection with the forthcoming meeting between the RF Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Prime-Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä in Moscow on January 29th.

Finnish businessmen expect that their negotiations will offer an opportunity to develop business relations between the two countries in spite of the economic and political sanctions introduced by the USA and EU against Russia.