А101 GC starts digital construction management due to introduction of project financing

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А101 GC starts digital construction management due to introduction of project financing
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The А101 Group of Companies introduces, in the pilot mode,  the Russian cloud product – Mobile Solutions for Construction (MSC) Construction Management  - to provide for automated operational control of the terms and volumes of construction.

Starting from July 1, Russian developers pass from construction shared financing (co-investment) to project financing. The transfer to escrow accounts was initiated by the Russian Government in 2018, it significantly decreases the risks of co-investors as construction is now financed by responsible banks. The introduction of escrow accounts does not refer to the majority of top-developers’ objects because residential blocks of flats which were by 30% ready before July 1 and sold out by 10% are to be constructed according to the previously existing regulations. However developers are puzzled with the introduction of the new control mechanisms over the construction processes and expenditures.

- Over the past a year and a half we are consistently implementing into the GC production cycle the IT-solution which increases the quality of the control over contractors’ work, makes the communications with them simpler and speeds up the developer’s response. It is done, first of all, to reduce time and finance expenses, Dmitry Tsygankov, IT-Director  of the A101GC, remarks.

The new software complex of the Russian cloud platform is convenient for following the dynamics of the object construction, material expenditures, risks analysis online by both developers and banks. The efficient project operational management and predictive analysis help finish the construction of an object on time and within the budget.

  • Within project financing of construction, the number of coordination approvals will increase, and on the initial stage it will demand additional time which is the most deficit resource with a developer. MSC Construction Management makes the three-party document flow between banks, developers and contractors optimal, compensating and then increasing the overall efficiency of the projects, Dmitry Tsygankov comments on the point.

The software complex helps automate and then digitize the work with plan-fact analysis, control and correct the work schemes online and quickly respond to emergency situations. The complex regulates financial flows to optimize the construction process due to available information on expenses, cost sheets and an object as a whole. The mobile version helps to adjust the process of correct daily data registration in the electonic log. Forming executive and reporting documentation in the software complex helps significantly reduce time for the document turnover and increase the efficiency of specialists’ work.  

  • Digital control of the fulfilled work allows to avoid additional expenditures over the project. Automatic notifications of all persons controlling the work process allows to have on-line 24/7 information about the objects. The integration of the solution with developers’ IT-landscapes allows to increase the efficiency of each implementation and unite in the integrated informational space of the customer, general contractor, contractors, as well as the bank financing the project, Timofei Tatarinov, Director General of the Mobile solutions for construction JSC, says.

The IT product is developed and implemented by the Mobile solutions for construction company (mrspro.ru), dealing with the digital transformation of construction processes in Russia.