BIM-technologies first used in the design of 11 Moscow neighborhoods

BIM-technologies first used in the design of 11 Moscow neighborhoods
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Building information modeling, better known as BIM technologies, was used in the design of 11 Moscow neighborhoods, the construction of which is provided for by the city’s renovation program.

As Deputy Mayor of Moscow for construction issues Marat Khusnullin said, the projects of these modern neighborhoods would be submitted soon for discussion to the city's Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. He stressed that BIM technologies would be applied in the design of facilities and further, citing an example of the Solntsevo district located in the south-west of Moscow.

Mr. Khusnullin added that there was a federal “roadmap” for the introduction of these innovative technologies. Due to the high activity of the renovation program implementation, he noted, the Moscow authorities decided to speed up the introduction of these technologies on a pilot basis.

It is noteworthy that earlier Russian Minister of Construction, Mikhail Menn, announced that when implementing government-commissioned projects, BIM-technologies will start to be introduced in the field of construction. Then, the minister added, BIM-technologies will turn into the industry standard which will enhance the quality of construction works and labor productivity.