Communications work in the DIA office in the center of Moscow to be carried out for 1.9 bln rubles

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The Deposit Insurance Agency has announced a tender for a contractor to design and assemble the engineering equipment in their new office for 1.884 bln rubles.

As stated in the tender documents published on the state procurement website, the work is to be carried out at the agency’s office in Mosfilmovskaya str., 8/2.
The winner of the tender is to carry out design, construction and assembly work, and to construct engineering systems and communications systems in the building.
The design work includes the development of the specification documents, and the preparation and assembly of the equipment (energy and water supply systems, heating, etc.) and then putting them into operation.
Claims for participation are being received until November 16th, 2015. The results will be announced on November 26th, 2015.