Land plot for swimming pool put on auction in Moscow

Land plot for swimming pool put on auction in Moscow
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Moscow Urban Construction and Land Commission agreed to put on auction two plots of land located in south and north of the city, the press office of Moscow Committee for Construction Investment Projects and Co-Funding Construction told on Thursday.

Construction of a sports object with a 5,400 square-meters swimming pool is planned at the address of Chertanovskaya Street, building 45, situated in the South Administrative District of Moscow. Its underground area will total 1,300 square meters. The project was approved by local residents at public hearings.

An area of a land plot allotted for the construction amounts to 0,3 hectares. At present, the facility isn’t fenced off, but is guarded and undeveloped. Partly, it is exploited by the residents as a parking.

A 0,04 hectare plot of land, located on Izhorsky Bystreet, building 15, is planned to be used as a construction site for a car wash with an area of 330 square meters.