Road junction needs to be built in Barnaul

Road junction needs to be built in Barnaul
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The authorities of the Russian city of Barnaul have announced an auction for construction of a single-layer transport junction at the intersection between the streets of Malakhova Ulitsa and Vlasikhinskaya Ulitsa.

As it follows from the tender documentation published on the website of public purchases, the project will require 193,3 million rubles from the city budget.

The construction works is planned to be carried out in two stages, with the bulk of the works scheduled to be completed as early as 2017. The object has to be put in operation in July 2019. Bidding applications are received until July 29. The results will be announced on July 3.

Barnaul is a city of the Altai region, Russia, located in the West Siberian Plain.