How much will the “Silk road” construction cost?

How much will the “Silk road” construction cost?
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The construction of a highway within the “Silk Road” project from CRR to Kazakhstan will cost 784 bln rubles, and its exploitation in 2025 – 2050 a further 407 bln by 2015 prices.

This was claimed in an interview with the first Deputy of the Avtodor “Vedomosty” Chair of the Board. According to him, with budgets of different levels, private Russian and foreign PPP investments will be attracted to the project. According to Avtodor’s assessment, the income from toll collection on the section from CRR to Kazakhstan in 2025 – 2050 will total 1.014 trn rubles by 2015 prices.
The concept of an integrated transportation corridor from Europe – Western China first came up in the 2000s. The total length of the Saint-Petersburg – Moscow – Orenburg – Almaty – Khorgos highway will be 8,500 km, 2,189km of which will be on Russian territory. The memorandum of cooperation was signed by the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan in 2008. The project has been in the process of implementation since 2012, when the government transferred the Orenburg – Kazakhstan regional road to the federal level. The project has been prepared in Tatarstan, and one is being prepared in Bashkiria, and land survey works have also been started in Orenburg. The road is to be built by 2025.