Kirgizia asks for 800 meters of Kazakhstan’s road

Kirgizia asks for 800 meters of Kazakhstan’s road
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Kazakhstan Premier Karim Masimov ordered to speed up the construction of the road Almaty – Cholpon-Ata

Kyrgyzstan Prime-Minister Temir Sariyev commented on the negotiations with his Kazakh colleague in Astana: “Our specialists could take part in the development and maintenance of the road”.
The main motivation is that the highway Almaty – Cholpon-Ata will allow drivers to get to the famous Lake Issyk-Kul in 2.5 hours. Its total length is 250-260 km. It will pass Kemin and Mikhailovka. It transits through Kazakhstan and the Kirgiz party asked to transfer its Kazakhstan segment to their management.
Soon Kirgizia will enter an integral economic union and in the case of signing the agreement undertakes responsibility for maintaining of this segment of the road.