The Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities spoke on the industry's development strategy up to 2030

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The number of people employed in construction will grow by up to 1m over 15 years in Russia. 

As our special correspondent, Alexei Nevsky, reported from a session of the Public Council of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Deputy Minister Yury Reylian spoke about this.
According to the strategy of the innovative development of the construction industry to 2030, the number of people employed in the construction sphere is set to increase by more than 1m.
Labor efficiency is supposed to double at the expense of construction terms reduction and the increase of innovative materials and equipment share.
Besides this, exploitation expenses will decrease by 30% and utility payments by 20%, the Deputy Minister added.
The strategy project has already been discussed by the professional community and in the first quarter of 2016 it will be considered by the State Council.
To remind you, the strategy for the innovative development of the construction industry will determine state policy in the industry and will support scientific research in the sphere of construction.