A unique museum of shipwrecks will be built in Kronstadt

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A unique museum of shipwrecks will be built in Kronstadt
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A unique museum, exhibition complex and center of underwater archeology using the hydraulic engineering equipment of the Petrovsky dock is to be built in Kronstadt.

The Chairman of the Saint Petersburg Investments Committee, Irina Babiuk, spoke about this at a city government sitting.

The aim of the project is to create a museum, exhibition and educational center with a scientific research and conservation base.

Investment in the construction work and equipping of the object is expected to reach 6 bln roubles. The project has been initiated by the non-commercial organization “Underwater Experimental Establishment of the Russian Geographical Society”.

The architectural concept was developed by the Lenprojectrestoration Institute. There will be an exposition of shipwrecks and historical artefacts found during underwater archeological investigations.

Large objects will be kept in special chambers filled with the Baltic Sea water. To view them, there will be transparent galleries and tunnels. The scientific center for underwater archeology will research means and methods for the investigation of underwater objects, and conservation and restoration techniques will be developed.   The whole complex will be covered with a safety mechanism.

One million people are expected to visit the museum annually.