The Japanese intend to build “Ammonium-2” in Tatarstan

The Japanese intend to build “Ammonium-2” in Tatarstan
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Representatives from the Russian companies “Ammonium” and “Tatneft” and their Japanese counterparts from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Sojitz Corporation have signed a memorandum on the construction in Russia of a second complex to produce ammonia, methanol and granulated carbamide.

As was told by the regional press office, the agreement on “Ammonium-2” was signed within the framework of a working visit to Japan by the Head of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov.

To remind you, the agreement to start construction of the “Ammonium” complex was signed in 2007. In June 2015, the first ammonia consignment was received.

Since mid-February the enterprise has been up and running at full capacity, able to process 1 bln m3 of natural gas per year, 717,000 tons of ammonia, the same amount of carbamide and more than 230,000 tons of methanol.

The cost of work at the construction site of the enterprise and its equipping is $1.4 bln.