How do the builders of a bridge over the Kerchensky Canal drive in piles?

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The pole base is now being constructed on the terrestrial part of the construction site of a bridge over the Kerchensky Canal to Crimea.

As was told by the “Crimean Bridge” information center, work started simultaneously at several sites to a total length of 10 km. The piles are being drawn in under the poles of a navigation span to a depth of up to 94 m. This is the height of a 3-storey building.

“At present, we have proceeded to the basement formation. After the piles are set, a uniting grillage will be erected at the construction sites. This construction will support the poles upon which the decks will be subsequently installed”, explained the chief engineer for the “Taman” Road Department, Yury Safonov.

According to the project, the bridge will be laid upon 595 poles. To realize this, more than 5,500 prismatic, bored and caisson piles of great length and diameter are to be rammed home. They will allow for the stable operation for the bridge in this canal, which has complicated geological and meteorological conditions and high seismicity.

“In order to ensure the additional steadiness of the bridge’s poles, the piles will be set vertically and at angle”, said the director for the construction of transport over the Kerchensky Canal at the “Stroygazmontazh” company, Leonid Ryzhenkin.