Why is Iran hampering the implementation of construction contracts with Russia?

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Why is Iran hampering the implementation of construction contracts with Russia?
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Iran is deliberately hampering the implementation of contracts with Russia on the construction of a thermal electric power station in Bander-Abbas and the electrification of the Garmsar – Incheh – Borun railway section by setting forth new price conditions.

This is what the RF Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak, said today during his visit to Tehran, where he has carried out negotiations with the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies of Iran, Mahmoud Vaezi.

Both officials co-chair the intergovernmental Russia-Iran Commission on Commercial and Economic Cooperation. According to available data, within the course of the negotiations the Iranian party announced that the contract price that had been offered earlier should be brought in line with current world prices.

However, in the opinion of the Russian Minister, instead of laying down new conditions, these projects should be finalized, at least where the pricing meets global standards. That is why Russia expects the start of the financing of two pilot projects in Iran in 2016 to be implemented from the government loan fund of $2.2 bln.

To remind you, both agreements were signed when the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, paid a visit to Iran. According to the plan, the projects will be financed at the expense of the Russian export governmental loan worth $5 bln.

In February, Russia and Iran initialed a credit line of $2.2 bln in Moscow, assigned for these projects, and the governmental loan is in the process of legal registration.