Emergency Ministry examines all bomb-shelters in Russia 

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Emergency Ministry examines all bomb-shelters in Russia 
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Following the all-Russia inventory of protective constructions, those designed to serve as shelters for citizens in times of both peace and war, it has been revealed that 38% of them have been registered groundlessly.

This data is contained in an Emergency Ministry report, published on Wednesday. The document states that, within the course of the inventory, 19% of privatized protective shelters have been revealed. Besides this, the total number of defensive constructions registered in Russia has gone down by 15% in comparison with 2008.

The inventory was carried out within the framework of the state program “People and Territorial Defense from Emergency Situations”. The purpose of this program is to minimize the damage from military actions and terror attacks as well as both natural and self-inflicted emergency situations and fires. The program is scheduled to be implemented by 2020.

By this time, the readiness of the defensive constructions for sheltering people in case of emergencies should have reached 80%. Financing of the program will total 1.75 trn roubles.