Russian region of Rostov to hold Days of Sweden in October

Russian region of Rostov to hold Days of Sweden in October
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The delegates from Sweden plan to tell about the creation of “smart cities”, innovations in the telecommunication industries, housing and utilities sector and wastes recycling, the press office of the Rostov regional administration told Construction.RU on Tuesday.

The events are scheduled for the 11th, 12th and 13th of October, 2016.

Head of the Economy and Commerce Department of Sweden embassy in Russia, Eva Sundquist, said that her colleagues were planning to make presentations on the subject of the creation of “smart cities” and innovations, moreover they were going to address the issues of housing and utilities at the event devoted to Days of Sweden in the Rostov region.

First Vice-President of the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Alexey Kobilev, added that the Rostov region’s enterprises need investments into agriculture sector and fish farming.

Russian and Sweden parties also advocated the negotiations with IKEA company owners over the cooperation with the Don’s producers of fast moving consumer goods.