Ice Palace with oceanarium to emerge in Siberia

Ice Palace with oceanarium to emerge in Siberia
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An investor presented on Tuesday in the Ulan-Ude city administration a project of the construction of a unique Ice Palace with an oceanarium, which is estimated at 1,4 bln roubles.

As the Mayor office’s representative announced on a briefing, an ice arena under the name of “Selenga” will be integrated with the oceanarium, in which the Lake Baikal fauna will be represented.

Projected hockey pitch with dimensions of 60 by 40 meters meets all requirements of the Continental Hockey League.

At present, the project is 40% completed. It will take approximately two months to finish it.

A total built-up area is about 7,000 square meters, of which 2,800 square meters will be occupied by the oceanarium, the rest will house the arena. The built-up area with infrastructure might reach up to 5 hectares.