Oceanarium at VDNKh in Moscow

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Oceanarium at VDNKh in Moscow
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The price for an entrance ticket to the Oceanarium, which opens on August 5 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow, will be from 600 to 800 rubles.

AsConstruction.ru was told by the VDNKh press office, the ocean science and sea biology center “Mosckvarium” will be the largest in Europe. Including the pools, its total area will be 53,000 square meters. They will contain 25 million tons of water. It is the only all-year-round ocean science center in the world, built hundreds of kilometers from the coast.
There are three zones in the “Moskvarium,” the aquariums, water show and 7 pools for swimming with dolphins. 7,000 salt and freshwater animals from all over the world will inhabit the pools. Visitors will be able to listen to lectures and watch films about the ecosystem of the seas. Entrance tickets for children will cost 400-500 rubles.