Russian military bases might emerge in Egypt

Russian military bases might emerge in Egypt
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Russia is carrying out negotiations with Egypt to take on lease military facilities on the territory of this country, including the former Soviet military base in the Egyptian city of Sidi-Barrani, Izvestia newspaper reports on Monday.

“The matter concerns the year 2019. In case the parties reach the agreement, the reconstruction of the base might be completed by this time,” says the article, citing a source close to Russian military circles.

According to Izvestia, Sidi-Barrani are supposed to be exploited as an Air Force base. The newspaper’s source said that the negotiations on Russia’s participation in renovation of Egyptian military facilities located on the coast of Mediterranean Sea in the area of Sidi-Barrani were going on successfully.

Cairo is ready to agree to provide this objects to Russians in order to settle the geopolitical tasks of prime importance meeting the interests of the Egyptian party as well. As the newspaper claims, Russian will deploy there its permanent military contingent, however, initially, the number of military service staff is expected to be few.