Waagner Biro refutes striking deal with Lakhta Center

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Waagner Biro refutes striking deal with Lakhta Center
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On the 6th of October, Cobstruction.RU, citing Austrian Die Presse, published a piece of news saying that Waagner Biro concluded a contract worth 27 billion euro for supply of sintered glass-metal materials for Lakhta Center, which is under construction in Saint Petersburg.

The press office of Waagner Biro told Construction.RU on Monday that the information appeared in Austrian newspaper Die Presse was false and didn’t correspond to the facts. When preparing the article, the correspondent of Die Presse newspaper didn’t get in touch with the press offices neither of the company, nor of Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg.

As a reference, Lakhta Center is a public and business center under construction in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, which among others, will house headquarters of Gazprom Group of Companies.