“Yars” missile launcher first crossed the river in Russia

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“Yars” missile launcher first crossed the river in Russia
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“Yars”intercontinental ballistic missile launcher crossed a river in the European part of Russia along a float bridge.

The press office of the RF Ministry of Defence reported on it. According to the scenario, air attacks and raiders destroyed the objects and bridges in the deployment area.

It demanded to use the pontoon bridge brigade combat power. The Volga side streams to be crossed were from 30 to 250 meters wide. Pontoon bridge parks (PP-91, PP-2005) were used for temporary bridges construction.

It took military engineers half an hour to make a ferry across the Nerl river. On the wide sections of the river ponton rafts were used. They moved with the speed of 20 km per hour with the help of two BMK–460 bridge erection boats.

The capacity of the module used for the launcher to cross the river is more than 170 tons. To remind you, the bearing capacity of the “Yars” launcher is more than 100 tons.

Comparable maneuvers took place in the USSR in 1983 with the “Pioneer” medium-range missile system crossing the Pripyat river.