Crimean company sets up multiple “smart” stops in St Petersburg

Crimean company sets up multiple “smart” stops in St Petersburg
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“City Innovations”, a company from Sevastopol, intends to invest 100 million rubles in the creation of 50 “smart” stops in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg by 2018, the company’s director general, Anton Chervinsky, told reporters on Friday.

“We offer to build 50 stops. Their cost is 100 million rubles,” he said and specified that an increase of number of the stops was possible.

According to him, “smart” stops are planned to be installed at the key sites of the transportation system by World Cup 2018. According to him, the company will defray the expenses on installation and exploitation of the stops and will make a profit from ad placement.

The first pavilion installed in the center of Saint Petersburg is equipped with electronic displays showing bus schedules, as well as with Wi-Fi hotspots and USB sockets. Passengers security is ensured by four surveillance cameras and LED-based lighting during hours of darkness.