Unusual Art Center to be erected in Kaliningrad region

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Unusual Art Center to be erected in Kaliningrad region
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Construction of a major Art Center is launched in Gusev, the city located in the Russian region of Kaliningrad. The project is estimated at 50 million rubles.

The unique facility will be located on the territory of Tekhnopolis GS innovation cluster, the press office of the developer’s building company told Construction.RU on Wednesday.

This will become one of the largest culture facilities in the region and the object is scheduled to be put in operation as early as in late 2017.

As it became known, a multifunctional space of the Art Center was modelled on a public library of a new type developed by Russian Ministry of Culture.  

Two storeys with an area of 682 square meters will host mobile zones, which could be reconstructed into halls for exhibitions, concerts, master classes and sports exercises.

The new culture center is capable to house over 6,000 visitors on a daily basis.