Enterprises of Russia's leading glass manufacturer enter the market under the brand name of AIG (Argentum Innovation Group)

Enterprises of Russia's leading glass manufacturer enter the market under the brand name of AIG (Argentum Innovation Group)
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One of the largest players in the domestic glass market (formerly AGC Glass Russia) announced a name change as part of the company's transformation in Eastern Europe. The companies are united under a single brand innovation group called AIG (Argentum Innovation Group). The new company name, its visual identity and logo are presented to industry professionals at a closed business event with key AIG partners in Moscow on March 22, 2024.

Recall that the transformation of the company, formerly part of AGC Glass Europe - the European division of AGC Inc., was completed in February of this year - the new owner became a specialized investor Igor Mikhailovich Leytis. With the transfer to the Russian owner, the leading domestic glass manufacturer enters a new milestone of development and expands opportunities for further investments in the equipment of production facilities.

The process of changing the name was preceded by the development of about 30 variants of the new name and a large-scale survey among the company's employees and industry experts, including key partners and leading Russian architects, following which the idea of the AIG brand was accepted by the absolute majority.

Conceptually, the new name reflects the principle of chemical reaction between silver - Argentum - and glass, which is the basis for the creation of special products of the glass industry, which is the main focus of the company. It also reflects the idea of interaction with business of the most important "asset" of the company - its large team of passionate professionals, because in life, the right "chemical reaction" between specialists triggers effective processes of creating new products, helps to create an ecosystem of business and scale it. At the same time, the transformation of the company enshrines in the name Argentum Innovation Group the priorities that have guided the company throughout its history in Eastern Europe - innovative development and technological leadership in the field of glass production.

The official slogan of AIG - "Russian Glass - the Power of Generations" - was also chosen not by chance. It emphasizes the idea of the continuity of the company's fundamental values and the historical identity of its key assets - the Bor Glassworks and Klin Glassworks - leading enterprises with a long history.


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