How much is the most expensive cottage in Russia?

How much is the most expensive cottage in Russia?
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The most expensive house of all being sold in the RF has been valued as much as 4.8 bln roubles (over $805 m) and is situated in the elite settlement of Skolkovo in the Moscow region.

The realty website’s press office has told Construction.RU about it today. The house is a residence with the area of 2,570 sq.m on the land plot of 2.3 hectares, built in classic style. There is a river nearby.  

Besides the living residence, there is a living unit for servants with a separate entrance, two rooms, toilet facilities, a kitchen, a laundry and a valet’s study.

The house is 900 times as expensive as on average in Russia and 220 times —  as in the Moscow region. However it has been sold for several years as it is difficult to find a buyer for such a price.

To remind you, the average price of a Russian housing estate achieves 5.4m roubles ($90,600).