Wooden housing construction to become priority in Russia

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Wooden housing construction to become priority in Russia
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Creation of new pulp, paper and board plants and wooden construction development will become the priorities of the timber processing complex development, Minister of Trade and Industry, Denis Manturov, spoke on it at the meeting on the issues of the forest industry development in Torzhok (the Tver region).

According to him the construction of a pulp-and-paper plant together with Chinese partners in the Baikal region is of great importance, some more plants are planned to be constructed in the Tomsk and other regions.

The other headline of the program in the development of wooden housing construction. Industry development foundation as well as regional industry development funds should be involved in the process of the industry’s being provided with raw materials, Manturov remarked.

Earlier, the Ministry of construction informed that they are working out measures for wooden housing construction development: norms and standards for designing there and more storey houses with the use of new materials meeting the “green construction” requirements are being developed.