Volkswagen to invest €9 billion in green technology

Volkswagen to invest €9 billion in green technology
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German carmaker Volkswagen will increase its investments in the development of vehicles using alternative fuels, and plans to become a leader in the field of production of electric vehicles by 2025, as it follows from a statement published on the manufacturer’s website.

As the head of Volkswagen, Matthias Mueller, said during the shareholders meeting in Hanover, over the past five years, Volkswagen had already invested about 3 billion euro in the technology of cars running on alternative fuels, and the company was going to triple that amount over the next five years.

“Electric cars are the future. We want to become number one in the field of e-mobility by year 2025”, he said. Mr. Mueller informed that Volkswagen was taking active measures, hoping to achieve a breakthrough in technology for electric vehicles.