100-meter concrete pyramid to be built near Moscow

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100-meter concrete pyramid to be built near Moscow
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A so-called “energy pyramid” demolished by a recent hurricane in the Moscow region, Russia, is planned to be recreated, the press office of the city administration of the Istra district told Interfax news agency on Wednesday.

“Today I held a meeting with engineer Alexander Golod, following which the decision was made to build a new pyramid at the same place,” the head of the Istra administration, Andrey Dunaev, said.

For his part, Alexander Golod has informed the agency that it will be a major concrete construction, reinforced with composite structure.

“It will be designed to operate for 300 years. If the pyramid is built with a height of 70 m, it would require about 100 million rubles, this I can do myself. If the pyramid is 100 m, it will cost about 200 million, but for the higher pyramid an investor is needed,” he said, adding that designing and construction of the facility will take about a year.

The demolished pyramid was located on Novorizhskoye highway of the Moscow region.