Saudi Arabia to increase export of hydrocarbons to USA

Saudi Arabia to increase export of hydrocarbons to USA
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Saudi Arabia intends to increase oil supplies to the United States, the Energy Minister of the Kingdom, Khalid al-Falih.

“Saudi Arabia will continue not only to export but also to increase exports to the United States,” he said at a press conference within the framework of the Ministerial Energy Conference in Astana on Sunday.

“The U.S. market will always remain the key one to the Kingdom,” the Minister stressed.

He recalled that “we have recently announced the acquisition of refineries in the USA with a capacity of 600,000 b/d, and our intention is to use it for the growth of supplies”.

“Their oil (of the United States – editor’s note) is sent to other places, and we are reducing slightly our production and deliveries under the agreement, but in the long run it will not affect our commitment, our trend of the Saudi market development in the United States,” Khalid al-Falih noted.