A smart city for New Moscow by Engie

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A smart city for New Moscow by Engie
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Before the end of the year, the Engie company will preparea concept and a financial model for the smart city projects in New Moscow, Interfax-Realty reports with reference to Vladimir Zhidkin, head of the Moscow Department of new territories development.

According to V. Zhidkin, before the end of the year the concept of the project and its financial model will be ready, and the French investor, the Engie company will prepare its proposals. He noted that presently the company is evaluating the potential of new technologies development, the condition of the engineering infrastructure in different towns of New Moscow, as well as potential expenses and profit.

The French Engie plans to create smart city systems on the territory of the administrative and business centre of Kommunarka, and in Troitsk.

The smart city system provides for the creation of closed-loop control over the territory including refuse disposal, transport operation, the efficient use of urban resources.