The main versions of the deadly Kemerovo mall fire

The main versions of the deadly Kemerovo mall fire
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At present, investigators consider a wiring problem as a priority version of the cause of fire erupted yesterday in a shopping and entertainment center located in the Russian city of Kemerovo, the media reports on Monday citing the regional technical inspection service.

In particular, the matter concerns violations during the maintenance and installation of power grids in Zimnyaya Vishnya (The Winter Cherry) mall in Kemerovo. Specialists assume that the wiring could not withstand a high load and was not sufficiently protected against voltage drops.
The second version of the ignition cause is arson. However, it is considered less likely. In addition, the fire could be caused by the unsatisfactory condition of the fire-fighting system inside the building, in particular, that of sensors and evacuation ladders. According to eyewitnesses of the tragedy, the fire alarm in the building failed to sound. As it turned out later, one of the security guards switched off the alarm system. Another version, which may have substance is the careless handling of the fire.
The death toll of the blaze currently amounts to 64 people. The fire engulfed about 1,600 square meters and the building is to be demolished.