Experts have explained why Russians buy up wooden houses

Experts have explained why Russians buy up wooden houses
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Buyers of real estate property have increasingly opted for wooden houses. In particular, 38% of homes sold in the Moscow region are made of this building material.

As Interfax news agency reported on Wednesday with reference to a study of real estate experts, at present, the demand for wooden houses has grown by 7% and this is a stable trend. The experts suggest that the popularity of wooden housing is largely caused by financial reasons. One-third of the total number of such buildings is the frame house category which is the least expensive in the market.

The study notes that wooden houses are most suitable for seasonal use and no more than 15% of buyers live there full-time.

As a reference, last month the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia proposed allocating 24,3 billion rubles of budget funds for the development of wooden housing construction in the next six years.