Having agreed with North Korea, Trump did favor to Russian Gazprom

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Having agreed with North Korea, Trump did favor to Russian Gazprom
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Following a meeting between US President Donald Trump and his North Korean colleague Kim Jong Un in Singapore, the Russian energy giant Gazprom has resumed negotiations on building a gas pipeline through North Korea.

The current situation on the Korean Peninsula, with both Koreas pledging to pursue peace, Russia gets a great opportunity to build a pipeline to South Korea through the territory of its northern neighbor. However, in this case, North Korea itself will not be supplied with gas.

“The comments suggest that Trump’s diplomacy may have helped the Russian gas giant—which has a strong connection to the Kremlin—launch a potentially lucrative project,” Newsweek reports. The magazine draws attention to the fact that officials in Russia highly appreciated Trump's efforts to normalize relations with North Korea and that they expressed hope that Moscow would be able to participate in a process of denuclearization on the Korean peninsula.

And yet, it would be premature to launch a business project on the assumption that peace on the Korean Peninsula is already secured, the US magazine believes. Most experts and analysts agree that the agreement between Trump and North Korea is very vague and lacks a clear plan of action, something that may lead to misunderstandings in the future.