Iraq launches construction of “security fence” along border with Syria

Iraq launches construction of “security fence” along border with Syria
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Iraq began construction of a fence along the border with Syria to ensure security and prevent the penetration of terrorists into the country.

As Al-Jazeera reported on Monday, referring to local officials, in addition to erecting the structure itself, a six-meter-wide trench is being dug. The length of the fence at the moment amounts to 20 kilometers and it is constructed north of the border town of Al Qaim, which was liberated by the Iraqi army from ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) in November last year.

“Ten days ago we started to set up a barbed wire security fence with surveillance towers along the border with Syria”, Anwar Hamid Nayef, a spokesman for border guards in Iraq's Anbar province, said on Sunday.

At the end of last year, Baghdad announced the victory over ISIS in Iraq, which in mid-2014 seized control of almost a third of the country. However, the group still retains control over some regions in eastern Syria and is capable of making attacks.