U.S. road-building machinery included into Russia’s “black list”

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U.S. road-building machinery included into Russia’s “black list”
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In response to the measures taken by Washington on increasing tariffs on Russian steel and aluminum, Russia has imposed additional tariffs on a number of products imported from the United States.

Thus, Russia intends to compensate for part of the losses —  $87.6 million while the damage from the US-imposed restrictions is estimated at $537.6 million. According to the Ministry of Economic Development, among the American goods, which are subject to new tariffs, there are several types of road construction equipment. The Ministry explained that the measures were extended only to those products, analogs of which are produced in Russia.

“Some types of road construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, tools for metal processing and rock drilling, as well as fiber optics are subject to the measures,” the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said. He added that the rates of new duties will range from 25% to 40%, which gives domestic producers an obvious advantage.