People for first time moved into 3D-printed home

People for first time moved into 3D-printed home
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A house with an area of 95 square meters was printed a bit more than for two days and has aroused interest in the construction community.

The French family with three children has become the world’s first to settle in such a facility. The four-bedroom home serves as an ideal model for future projects. The main goal of this design is to reduce the cost and significantly accelerate the construction. In addition, the facility has its peculiarities: digital lighting control and curved walls help to reduce humidity indoors, according to Interesting Engineering.

Construction costs almost $233,000, which is 20% cheaper than using conventional building technologies. In addition, the speed of its creation is incommensurable: a team dealing with 3D printing believes that when reprinting the same home, it is possible to fit in a day and a half.