US to spend $40 mln on “deterring Russian aggression” in Romania

US to spend $40 mln on “deterring Russian aggression” in Romania
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The US military intends to spend almost $40 million on the development of the 71st Campia Turzii air base in Romania, aiming to adapt it to American combat squadrons, Defense News reports.

With the air base improved, it will be possible to launch more aircraft, carry out repair work under unfavorable weather conditions, store extra fuel and weapons. As Defense News points out, this is important both for conducting joint American-Romanian drills on the base as well as for protecting the US ally in a potential war with an aggressor.

According to the US Air Force commander in Europe, General Tod Wolters, in a nutshell, this means enhanced combat readiness. The planned improvements will favor U.S. soldiers, sailors, pilots, and marines, compared to their predecessors, he said.

It is planned that $40 million that will be spent on construction work at the Romanian base will be allocated by the U.S. Defense Department from funds designed to “deter Russian aggression” within the framework of a so-called European Deterrence Initiative.