Electricity was cut on World Cup stadium in Russia

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Electricity was cut on World Cup stadium in Russia
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On Tuesday, one of the Russian stadiums built for the 2018 World Cup was cut off from electricity because of unpaid bills, despite President Putin's statement that such facilities must continue to be exploited, Euronews reported.

This is about the Samara Arena stadium designed for 42,000 seats, which construction was carried out by PCO Kazan. As Samaraenergo, the supplier of electricity to the stadium, reported this year, PCO Kazan did not pay its electricity bills and owed 9,216,000 rubles (105,593 US dollars).

“We waited for a long time, we delayed the power cut. Because PSO Kazan did not resolve the issue of paying its debt, a decision was made to cut electricity,” Euronews quoted Samaraenergo’s representative Olga Perkova as saying.

However, following today's meeting, Samaraenergo made a decision to resume electricity supply in connection with the upcoming matches at the Samara Arena stadium, although it is still unclear whether the debt will be paid by PCO Kazan.