$58-million cheese factory to be constructed in Togliatti

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$58-million cheese factory to be constructed in Togliatti
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The Moscow plant producing Karat cheese spread is planning to build a cheese production plant in the Russian city of Togliatti, the Samara region, the press office of the regional government reports on Friday.

Investments in the project will amount to more than 4 billion rubles ($58 million).

“First Deputy Governor Alexander Nefedov, the head of Togliatti Sergey Antashev and Industrial Director of Karat Moscow Dmitry Panin signed an investment memorandum ... for the construction of a cheese production plant in Togliatti,” the message said.

According to the press office, the factory will produce curd cheese, semi-hard and soft cheeses, as well as grainy cottage cheese. After the project is implemented, more than 400 new jobs will be created at the enterprise.

In addition, the new production will ensure an increase in the development of dairy farming in the region: the new plant will become a major consumer of milk as raw material for processing — up to 600 tons per day, which will allow milk producers to develop the production, enjoying stable sales for their products. The timing of the project has not been revealed yet.