Russian business is willing to participate in “construction boom” in Syria

Russian business is willing to participate in “construction boom” in Syria
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Russian companies can participate in a “construction boom” in Syria and are already discussing pilot projects, Vice President of the Commerce and Industry Chamber of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Padalko, told RIA Novosti today.

International exhibition in Damascus was opened on September 6, with representatives from 48 countries taking part in it. The Russian delegation includes 38 companies, which took part in the Russian-Syrian Business Council held in Damascus on September 7-10.

“Over 60% of the total volume of the facilities constructed in previous years in Syria has been destroyed, therefore, there is a construction boom in the country. In this regard, we have come there in time”, Padalko said on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum.

“We have looked at the equipment and opportunities for the production of building materials that Syrians have and so on and at the forum, we have agreed on the launch of pilot construction projects”, he continued.

Padalko has added that a proposal by a private Syrian company to build two thousand apartments in one of the country’s liberated territories is being negotiated now.